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Multi-Layered Security Approach

When it comes to protecting your assets, your best bet is a multi-layered security or defense approach. Multi-layered security refers to a multi-layer security system that uses numerous components to shield multiple levels or operational layers. The term can also refer to the term “defensive depth,” which is based on slightly different ideas, many of which are used to mitigate threats, delay or prevent threats. Security classes can also be called defense layers.

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Secure Your Network with a multi-layered security approach.

How Multi-Layered Security Network Defense Works

Ensuring that multiple layers are included in network security should guarantee that each defense component is supported in the event of a failure or lack of coverage. The benefit of a multi-layered security solution is that it monitors and secure your data from breaches that singular focused defense systems lack.

According to this assumption, each layer in the multifaceted security approach focuses on precise areas of security. By working together, these security layers provide a better chance to prevent hackers gaining access to the corporate network than a just a single security solution.

A multi-layered security approach that can be used to protect your network includes:

  • Internet protection
  • Email and file security
  • Virus Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Susceptibility assessment and analysis

Multi-Layered Security and Deep Defense

Though the multi-layered security and deep defense terms are generally used together, they refer to a multi-layered security plan designed to mitigate or prevent breaches in data security threats.

Multi-level security is based on the idea of using numerous security solutions to guard the system from threats. However, a deep defensive security policy should be aimed at preventing threats from becoming dangerous.

If you want to learn more or you need someone to help you with your multi-layered and deep defense security. We offer IT Consulting Services For Small Business that can give you a hand.

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Network E-mail Security

Network Security

Network security is an enterprise strategy to secure its assets, including all network visits. This includes software technology and hardware. This manages network access through effective network security that targets multiple threats and prevents their spread or penetration in the network.

Network security type:

  • Antivirus and antivirus
  • Application security
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Email Security
  • Firewall
  • Mobile Security
  • Network division
  • Security Information Management and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Network security
  • Wireless security station


Firewalls create a barrier between a reliable internal network and an unreliable external network such as the Internet. A specific set of rules is used to block or allow traffic. A firewall can be a program, a device, or both. A free secure server manages traffic on your computer, controls incoming and outgoing connections, and provides all connections when connected to the Internet.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

IPS is a type of network security that removes network traffic to prevent attacks. Administrators can use the IPS configuration interface to configure updates via a network intrusion detection and prevention system. You can schedule these so that they start automatically at specific intervals and these can also be started manually if necessary.

Managed Antivirus

Almost all Managed Service Providers (MSPs,) like Blue Ridge Technology, recognize that antivirus applications alone are not enough to cope with the rising number of malicious cyber-attacks. However, because antivirus vendors find countless malware variants daily, anti-virus applications continue to be a prerequisite for multi-layer security solutions. Using a cloud-based signature, security definitions are automatically updated and implemented to help protect customers from viruses, Trojan horses and other more sophisticated threats surrounding risks to computer.

Network Protection

Network protection defends your business by searching for malicious sites that contain hidden viruses. When you have network protection in place, it can increase employee efficiency by preventing them from accessing inappropriate sites such as those containing adult content, gaming websites, social networks and instant messages.

Rejecting employee access to high-bandwidth and streaming sites keep your internet speed from slowing and significantly improves access and availability to trusted online resources.

Email Protection

Organizations everywhere rely on e-mail to keep operations running smoothly. Since email is still popular in business, it is still a viable target for hackers to undermine security and obtain valuable business data through phishing attempts if you want to learn about How to Spot a Phishing Email you can check this blog.

Blue Ridge Technology’s email protection service allows us to detect hidden patterns in e-mail messages that could be targeted attacks on our clients. For example, a large amount of e-mails sent to a specific employee or department may be an attack intended for a customer-facing target.


With Blue Ridge Technology’s recovery and protection service, customers can ensure that the data can be safely recovered or restored if damaged, deleted or stolen.

Local backups restore data faster than backups to the cloud. Though, some corporations that are subject to strict compliance regulations such as, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and PCI, typically require that they have more stringent policies for on-site and off-site data backup.

Choosing the Right Vendor

After showing our customers the benefits of multi-level security, the next task is to provide implement our comprehensive strategies.

The Blue Ridge Technology multi-layered security solution we utilize, our customers can be sure that all the systems we managed are protected. Our monitoring system capabilities for monitoring of our client’s network, server, desktops, applications and data informs us of any potential or ongoing threats that may cause down-time, data loss or lost revenue.

Our multi-tier security platform offers the most comprehensive IT security solutions available today, providing you and your customers with the best proactive, discoverable, and reactive security:

  • Avoid active security before the threat begins.
  • Proactive security designed to detect new threats.
  • Reactive security is designed for quick recovery of systems and data.

A multi-layered security approach forms a perimeter to ensure the safety, efficiency and ease of use for us and our and clients. This eliminate the need for security solutions from many different vendors providing the efficiency and productivity of a single solution on a single management platform from one single partner.

Patch management

Network attackers are often looking for the easiest way to hack the network. In general, this is determined as “soft targets.” Generally, this will be software that has not been updated to avoid known malware.

Our patch management solution handles all aspects of patches on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. We identify and install the appropriate service packs, security updates, and other fixes on our client’s computers.

Automating these tasks ensures that our customers’ equipment and software is updated, and you will never need to perform these tasks manually.

Patch management responsibilities which can be automated include:

  • Periodically analyze computers, servers and workstations to identify missing patches.
  • Search and download missing fixes from the respective vendor’s website.
  • Download only corrections required by the supplier, or corrections approved by the company in accordance with company policies.
  • Download and install the necessary patches on a specific computer.

If you have a small to mid-sized business, you probably can’t afford to keep a network security expert on your payroll. This is where Blue Ridge Technology can help you. We specialize in companies just like yours that rely on the internet to conduct their business. Let us provide the security you need to manage your business so that you don’t have to worry about data loss or threats to your business that will cause you costly downtime. Get in touch with us today!