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Adding Content to Social Media

An Overview of Social Media

For many of you, particularly those who grew up with the internet and those in-tune with all the latest technology, connecting with social media is as automatic as breathing. You do it without effort, scrolling, scanning, and double-clicking; it’s second nature. You know social media well, using the various social outlets with confidence. Per the Statistics Portal, the average American spends two hours a day socializing online — but let’s examine it from a more clinical point of view. According to Global Web Index, a market research company, here are some numbers:
  • The Internet has 4.2 billion users. 3 billion are active users of social networks.
  • Users have an average of 7.6 social media accounts per person.
  • In 2017, social network users increased by 121 million between the second and third quarters, with new user training every 15 seconds.
Based on these numbers, we can clearly see that social media is a big market that many websites may not be fully using in an effort to generate traffic and blog posts readers. Businesses would be well advised to announce that they use these operating systems. In order to grow your business, social media has become an essential practice of many organizations.
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Analyzing Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Make your content visible to search engines

If you want to index your posts using search engines like Google and Bing, set up your blog’s data schema settings to display all search engine blogs. There is a lot of information about how to improve the list of search rankings on the Internet. Anyone can create high quality original content and successfully tag it.

Use Family and Friends Network as an Advertising Resource

Encourage friends and family to read your blog. They can serve as free advertising for you as they chat with their friends, colleagues and new acquaintances on blog topics. However, we encourage you to use widgets from your blog that push out to your social media accounts.

Optimize Your Content for Each Platform

We all know that each social platform manages images and text differently. But how much time are you actually spending on creating social messages? One way to add some more value to an entry is to take advantage of each platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter). Why Internal Linking is Good The strength of your linking profile not only depends on the number of websites you link to, but may also depend on the internal structure of the links. When creating and publishing content, be sure to monitor the functionality of internal links. This not only helps to optimize the search engine, but also provides a better and more useful user interface, which is the basis for increasing website traffic.
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There are lots of ways to stay in contact with your audience now. Most cell phones have some type of social media installed on them.

Promote your blog content

You have spared no effort to write content for your blog and hope that the world will see your latest masterpiece. However, months will pass before you know it, and few people have even glanced at it. If people don’t read it, what is the point of creating and posting the content? You can fix this by promoting your post on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. It has been found that by creating 15 postings per month, and sharing that content on social networks, it will generate an average of 1,200 new potential customers per month, ensuring that the ideal customer will see your content. Of course, you don’t have to create 15 blogs per month before you can share the content on social networks and see the effects of your efforts. You can start the promoting your thoughts at any time using any part of the content. First, create a plan to promote old content on social networks. You can do this automatically using tools like Buffer, Social Jukebox and Hoot Suite. You can also reuse blog articles to make better use of them. The options include:
  • Quote different sections of the article.
  • Ask the audience about problems with the publication.
  • Change the image of your choice.
  • Change the title of an article every 2-3 months.
If you promote the content of your blog with a variety of news, your feed will stay updated and your audience will be reached. Action Item: Create a document with 5-10 other blog entries for each blog posted on your site. Add this content, along with the URL of your article, to the social programming tool to direct traffic to the content of the previous blog.

Make Your Content Easy to Share

What could be better than knowing that people read the content of your blog? Then, learning they shared it with their friends and colleagues! You probably do something similar every day when you take time to browse through Facebook in your free time. When you see that a friend shared an interesting link or video, you click on it and very likely, share it with your other friends. This is the same level of exchange that you must develop for your content. Allow and encourage existing visitors on the site to share content hosted on their blog by incorporating tools to share on social networks. Some people even show the number of shares by each publication, such as this example from a social media reviewer: More than 41% of people measure the social impact of blogs by their participation. Providing this information to visitors to your website can help build trust and lead to higher conversion rates later in the buying cycle.
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Social media: stay engaged with your audience.
Blog Engage Blog Engage is a blogging community where you can upload your blog posts to make them more visible, attract more visitors, and of course use backlinks. If you get enough votes from the user, any items you send will be moved to the next page and displayed on the home page. Triberr Triberr is a blog community of influential people where they meet to read and share great content. Triberr is completely free, but there is a premium membership program that costs $10 per month. You can also choose to promote your contribution for only $5 so that your content remains visible to your tribal teammates.


As you may already know, SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing and discovering slides and presentations. You can upload your presentations using clickable links, or even embed them in a blog or website. In addition to slideshows, you can share documents, info-graphics, PDFs, videos and webinars. Also try,
  • Slide Boom – Share your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Sway: Microsoft creates and shares digital story applications for interactive reports, presentations, personal stories and more.
  • Guide – Free publication and accommodation platform to share guides.


Quora is a Q&A network. When others are allowed to post and help solve problems, it can direct traffic to your website. Unlike Yahoo’s answer, Quora is a premium network used by many influential people. Also, make sure you have added photos, biographies and links to your blog and website, so people learn to trust you. Always mark unanswered questions for better visibility when answering questions first.


Who doesn’t know Wikipedia? Just on the off chance you don’t, Wikipedia is a platform for sharing more than 24 million articles and is now the largest place to obtain reference material. Wikipedia can bring high quality referral traffic to your website. Simply register as a Wikipedia contributor and improve your current wiki page by editing existing pages related to your site. Just make sure that your page is completely related to the topic. Otherwise, they it be marked as spam by the Wikipedia moderators. For more information on adding content to social media or search engine optimization, please contact us at Blue Ridge Technology, Inc.