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Training staff in a “Work From Home” environment

Adapting to the new “Work from Home” environment

Millions of us across the world have responded amazingly to the challenges of working from home and many people who have taken this challenge to change the workplace will never return to their old jobs. So for people who can not take home their laptops or desktops with them at all times, it is crucial to know how best to train their team on software when they work from home. For these people, software training in the workplace is essential. And training on the software at home is even more essential. A study conducted by O*NET over three years identified that more than 50% of the people asked about software training said that this was essential.

Training staff remotely

In a world where in person training is no longer always an option, we must look at how we can support our people digitally. If we can’t train them, we have even less chance of retaining them. Using video, webinars and workshops are all great ways to encourage your colleagues to use technology to help overcome the lack of in-person communications.

Get together

Make sure your team is on board. It may be a quick meeting with just a couple of co-workers – just to introduce the idea of remotely learning, or get everyone up to speed on the company’s online tools. It could be an email or a meeting with people around your department where you show them how technology benefits your business.

There are plenty of other ways

Set up for success

Whether that’s inducting a new employee or training existing staff on new software and processes. Whether you’re running a design firm, sales office or a small independent business, your business can leverage software and processes to help overcome the lack of face-to-face interaction.