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5 Quick Tips for Improving Your Video Call Setup

How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget
If you’re like most business leaders in the Asheville and Hendersonville metro areas, remote meetings and video calls are practically a way of life now. When the pandemic first pushed us all onto Zoom, it was a mad scramble just to get online and on video. Worrying about the quality of your video presentation was an afterthought for most of us. But that was almost two and a half years ago. Today, it’s different, Microsoft Teams Keeps Getting Better and Google Meets also helps to enhance your video calls, but is it enough?. Whether you’re meeting with clients, leading a team meeting, or speaking to your entire workforce, the quality of your video presentation matters. If you’re tired of looking washed out or fielding constant complaints that people can’t hear you very well, your video call setup might need some love. (The same goes for your team members if they’re dealing with the same problems!) With that in mind, here are a few quick tips you can implement right away to improve your video call setup.

1. Natural Light Is Your Friend

If you’re fortunate enough to have natural light in your office or facility, use it to your advantage. Position your workstation in front of whatever light source you have, and your face will instantly look better. This is a great tip for people working from home, too: if you’re in a spare bedroom, it’s legally required to have a window — so use it!

2. No Natural Light? Point a Ring (Light) At It

Of course, many of us work in offices and workspaces where natural light is in short supply or even isn’t a thing. If that’s you, you’ll be shocked at how much of a difference a fairly inexpensive ring light will make. This kind of light is independent of your computer and usually just plugs into the wall (though you might be able to find some USB or battery-operated models). Ring lights will shine quite a bit of warm light directly at you, brightening you up in even the most inhospitable video conditions. You can find these on Amazon or at your local electronics shop, or your IT provider can hook you up with some of the best and most reasonably priced options on the market.

3. Upgrade That Webcam

If you’re running your work life on a laptop, you probably already have a webcam—but it probably isn’t very good. As laptops get thinner and thinner, there just isn’t much room for a decent optical sensor anymore. A separate webcam — even a cheap one — will likely look better. And you can position it wherever you want, so you can get that camera above you for a more flattering view (no more nostril cam!).

4. Or Just Use Your Phone

Speaking of that tiny webcam in your laptop: grab your phone. Look at the cameras on the back. Unless your phone is 7 years old, the lens and aperture on your phone’s camera(s) will be noticeably larger than the one in your webcam. Apple users have it easy: iOS 16 and macOS Ventura add Continuity Camera, so you can seamlessly use your iPhone as your webcam and enjoy way better quality. Not an Apple fan? That’s OK: numerous other apps offer a similar-ish experience, including EpocCam or DroidCam.

Bonus Tip: Get a Headset

If audio quality is an issue, get a headset. Shoot, get one for everyone on your team: even cheap little $20 USB headsets offer stunning performance compared to your laptop’s microphone and speakers, and they’ll cut down on bothersome feedback, too. Need help with any of these tips? That’s what we’re here for (plus a whole lot more). Reach out to our team for help with any of your IT needs.