IT Support Services

Blue Ridge Technology provides comprehensive IT support in Asheville, NC and the surrounding area.

IT Support Services, Blue Ridge Technology, Asheville, NC

Blue Ridge Technology offers reliable IT support services for your computer and technology-related problems.  We are known for our affordable pricing and outstanding customer service.  Our comprehensive service includes everything from managed IT for small to mid-sized businesses, onsite repair, business telephone systems, and computer repair.  We not only want to help solve your problems, but make recommendations and answer any questions you have through the process.

IT Assessments

Our IT support services include a security risk assessment of your organization. Unintentional data breaches happen all the time.  Someone on your team can unknowingly install updates, plugins, click on malicious URLs, download infectious attachments, and cause serious damage.  Blue Ridge Technology can help keep your business safe and secure with our comprehensive IT assessments.  We will evaluate your business, locate the weak points, prioritize liabilities and begin developing the necessary strategies to mitigate risks to your company’s crucial assets.

First, we will identify and prioritize your important assets, including client contact information, sensitive documents, servers, etc.  Next we will identify any threats to those assets, such as natural disasters, system failures, human error, and any malicious interference.  We can also help identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities your organization may have, and analyze the controls that are in place to help minimize and even eliminate the possibility of a threat.  If there are no controls in place, we can recommend an action plan to help mitigate the risks.  We will help you close all the necessary gaps in security to ensure you have the highest protection possible for your budget.

Blue Ridge Technology can become your IT department that will provide IT support services, preventive maintenance technology planning, and safeguarding your data.  Contact us today for your IT assessment!