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Updating Content on Your Website

The Importance of Updating your Website Content

The first impression is usually the most influential. In today’s business, the most influential tool is your website! It’s usually the first place your customers visit to learn about your business and the services you offer. In this case, it’s important to keep the website content up-to-date and focus on the messaging. Creating your website is often not enough to get your customers involved. Your website will commonly be a resource to your clients and should be updated and changed to increase your chances of advancing in search engine results.
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Updating your website content is vital to businesses today. Visitors use this information on a regular basis to find you and see what services you offer.

Reasons for Updating Your Website Content:

  1. Provides Frequent Indexing
As more and more sites, articles, blogs and downloads are used to update your site, search engines will frequently visit your website. Search engines use web crawlers, which are high-tech applications that search for sites on the Internet. Web crawlers list web sites based on a set of algorithm factors defined by search companies like Google. Sorting updated content and reliable information, you can improve your ranking in search engines. 2. Keywords The best way to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to include searchable content or keywords on blogs, content, or publish an article. Of course, you want to add keywords on the site to increase the relevance of search engines. We suggest that you publish content that explains how to do something for the reader or provides a solution to a problem they are facing.
Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are critically important to online businesses. You can spend every penny you have on a website, but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there. -Marc Ostrofsky
3. Keep your Customers Informed You will want to continue to add new content to your website often to allow visitors the best way to learn about current promotions, updates and new services. If your website is a reliable resource for the reader, it not only enhances the value and loyalty of your visitors, but also gives you a good ranking with powerful Google features. Creating projects to keep site content up-to-date will increase revenue and customer sales. 4. Game Plan Creating a game plan for your website will help your site be more successful if you narrow the plan to 2 things:
  1. Gear your website for your business and its visitors. Do not make the content personal; put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Understand what they are looking for and write content for them.
  2. Make your website simple to navigate. For example, add title pages such as Check Current Inventory Here. Meet our TEAM.
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Search Engine Optimization is important for where your website ranks on a search.

Reasons to Keep Your Website Updated & Maintained

Bring Traffic to Your Website

Every search engine likes new, original and up-to-date content. When a search engine like Google searches your website, it knows that your website is active. Google will also know if your content has not been updated for a while. The search engine will then mark the content as old or outdated information and it will not rank as high as if it were fresh content. On the other side, if you frequently add new content to your page, search engines will refine their ranking and list your website higher. For more information on how to optimize your Search Engine Optimization, visit Blue Ridge Technology.

Launch Authority for Advanced Search Rankings

Constant updating of your website content not only clarifies to the search engine that it is still active, but also keeps your website relevant to your readers. Provide more content, answer questions, support for published pages, and relevant keywords and you will see an increase in search engine rankings and visitors. For search engines, it is important to be perceived as an authority or expert, and also your audience should as well. When someone visits a website, they are hoping to find the latest information. By keeping this expectation, you can and will continue to gain the trust of your target audience.

Appeal Replicated Visitors to Website

New content not only attracts new visitors, but also improves old content. When you publish your content in a consistent time frame, your audience will learn more about how your product or service benefits them. Adding new and updating content also makes your site interesting, showing what you are dedicated to in your company and how relevant your company is to the reader. Both of these can lead to client growth.

Updating Industry Specific Content

As industry and markets change, websites are a staple in today’s marketplace. Content that you wrote on your site two years ago may not be relevant today. Periodically updating the content can contribute to industry specific procedures and update older published information. Perhaps you have exchanged some of the products you supplied, updated a service package, or found a new way for someone to use your product or service. The market is constantly changing, you want to stay relevant and adjust as necessary.

6 Ways To Keep Your Content Fresh

  1. Site content-Upon the arrival of new products or services, update your website content. Browse your website content at least every three months to make sure it is relevant and accurate.
  2. Blogs-Setting up a blog is the easiest way to add fresh content to your site. This blog covers the current topics in your industry and the plans that allow you to continue every week. In an article by blogger, Aaren Ruggles, she states, “that according to HubSpot, companies that blog more than 16 times per month receive 3.5 times more traffic”. We believe that these blog posts will help SEO as well as continue to keep you as a leader in your industry and market.
  3. News Section-If you post regular news updates, add a section to your website and update your news and press releases.
  4. Events-Create an Event Calendar to promote your business activities and events. Posting your monthly events calendar will keep visitors engaged and coming back to see what is next.
  5. FAQs-The Frequently Asked Questions section is ideal for optimizing search engines and can continuously update new client issues.
  6. Pictures-Updating photos on your website reflects changes in business, products and services. Make sure your images are optimized for all SEO’s descriptive tags.
There are several reasons why you should regularly review and modify your website photos. Erich Noack, a former writer from StorEdge, writes about the importance of adding high-quality images to your website. One of the most important things that Erich states is that the “images should pertain directly to the content of the article or site”. Have regular reminders to see what’s on your website and put changes in action. You can also update the suggestions in this article to communicate with your web design clients to find out why they need their content. Visit our website to find out how Blue Ridge Technology, Inc. can help you update your website content and improve your search engine optimization.