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Many Cyber Criminals are just Fine with Waiting... and Waiting...

What does Persistence mean in regards to a Cyber Attack?

Persistence is a tactic that allows attackers to quietly maintain access to a system over time. This “dwell time” is often used to conduct additional research, explore the victim’s environment and determine what the best (i.e. the most profitable) next step should be.

Hackers can spend 11-24 days in a network before being discovered!

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The longer an attacker persists on a device, the more intel they’re able to gather—and the more damage they can ultimately do when deploying ransomware, stealing passwords or executing other malicious activity.

Not to mention the amount of your Client’s information that they can absorb!

Our security agents are always on guard against attack plans like this, shining a light on hidden trespassers and removing them.

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